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DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority)


Driving Licence - DVLA  


The correspondence address can be used as a correspondence address with the DVLA, however, it will depend in personal circumstances as to whether it can be used for the address which appears on a driving licence. customers can use the free correspondence address for registering their Licence, providing the holder can demonstrate they are permanently travelling or have a valid reason why the address provided by is their best means of contact and is a correspondence/contact address only.


In recent advice the DVLA has stated:


“We do recognise that there will be occasions where individuals cannot provide a postal address at which they reside and, in certain circumstances, we do allow an alternative address to be used. However, because of the potential risks, we will only agree such arrangements on a case by case basis and we expect a robust reason and evidence that compels a driver to use such an address”