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Mail scanned or forwarded at a time of your choice


When mail arrives to, we sort it into different piles and boxes depending on what is due to happen to it as per the customers instructions


Theses are received on application for an account allow can be changed at any time by contact with receives mail form any source. As would be expected the majority of mail is delivered by Royal Mail. The residential street address used by has mail delivered relatively early in the morning so suffivient time is available for sorting to customers requirements and preparing for scanning or despatch


We also receive items, normally packets from around the world through Parcelforce Worldwide although these can arrive much later in the day


All the well know Courier firms, including local ones which are under contract to national carriers deliver through the day and items received are normally despatched to customers when required the same day


The only carrier which is difficult to predict when items will arrive is Amazon. They have a delivery window between 7am and 10pm 7 days a week !


Once mail has arrived, that which is due not be scanned/forwarded the same is placed in labelled customer boxes. These items are forwarded either weekly (normally on a Thursday), monthly (at the end of the month) or on request from customers. At least twice a month customer with mail that is forwarded by request wil be informed to how much mail is on hand for them


Any item for scanning is opened, converted a PDF and sent as part of an e-mail the same day


Any arrivals are then processed for the day.


Any actvity is shown on the customers account statement, a copy of which is sent with every posting, electronic or physical so customer can see how much they have been charged and how much money is left in their account


Mail that is scanned and converted to a PDF file, is attached to an e-mail and sent to the customer advised address. Mail scanned is held for a month should any customer require the original item and then scanned being recycled into Greyhound bedding !


Mail that is physically forwarded is placed in a quality envelope, packet, or small parcel box and sent to the customer advised address. We receive little feedabck of items that ‘broken’ out of there enclosure as we provide a relatively strong packaging.


All items are sent by Royal Mail services only which allow unlimited weight to be send across the country overnight by 1st class mail and to worldwide destinations (maximum weight 2kg). We will add express and signature services as an addition if the customers requires it


Many hundreds of item are then taken to the local Royal Mail Delivery Office for onward safe transit


And the process starts again the next day..................