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Use the address as a contact for DVLA, Electoral Role, Government, Banking, Insurance etc


Our ‘Pay as you Go’ service for low volume users - no mail, no fee


Mail scanned or forwarded at a time of your choice


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Free UK street address. Subscription services and  unique ‘Pay as you Go’ services available. Mail scanned or forwarded at a time of your choice
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Our Pay as you Go Service


When started in 2011, the mail forwarding market already had many established players


The owner of not only want to provide an excellent service to customers at a very reasonable price,  and coming from a background of over 30 years in the mail industry with a substantial number of those within business process

re-engineering field, much research was undertaken to see how a different aspect the market could provide a revenue stream


All the current mail forwarders operated a subscription based approach with a cost per item element providing service which gave them a regular income although was not necessarily what customers true requirements were also had knowledge of the canal system of this country and the growing number people moving onto boats both as a lifestyle choice and as a means of housing


In the UK, we all need a residential address to have life correspondence (DVLA, Government, Banking, Insurance, Electoral Role) to be registered at. This coupled with this that these elements alone produce little post


None of the then current service providers were offering a service for low volumes of mail: only just the subscription services mentioned above therefor offered all the advantages of the subscription service in terms of delivery of the product but was to offer this at a cost suitable to be attractive to customers


So our ‘Pay as you Go’ service was launched, still the free UK street address, still all the service facilities to subscription customers but with no subscription although with an increased item fee


This has now grown to be part of the offering from and has been warmly welcomed by customers


If therefore a customers receives just one item a year, they have a UK street address to use, a low cost charging based on usage with no subscription fee with all the benefits of a leading mail forwarding company


One customer did quote to us ‘no mail, no fee, but the account is there and waiting ready for use when I need it’